Free Your Mind

For a Fashion Styling assignment of October 2014 at the Amsterdam Fashion Academy, I had to create a concept with the white shirt as main item.

I chose individualism as my theme and called my shoot “Free your mind — be an individual”. I chose this subject, because I want the modernity nowadays to be free of rules, gender, age, seasons, boundaries and conditions. People do not want to follow the standard rules anymore. They want to be unique, they want to be an individual. Simplicity was very important in my concept. Making something look simple, is kind of hard, because you want the pictures to look interesting and you want them to tell your story.

To represent my keyword ‘simplicity’, I chose for clean make-up and natural colors for the garments. As designer Rad Hourani says: “The human body celebrates neutrality as a defining human trait.”

Karien Anne production and styling
Kimberley Zondag photography
Dewy Vlaardingerbroek model
Kelly Molenaar hair and make-up